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Jean is a SaaS creator and digital native based in Rotterdam. He was passionate about code and finding security issues in highly-secured environments since he was 10 years old. Nowadays he loves to create scalable and innovative SaaS products with the focus on making things easier. Currently he spends most of his time working on TessaTessa
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and contributing to Base Cyber SecurityBase Cyber Security
the industry with
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. He is currently available for freelancing projects.

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selected projects

Some selected projects from Jean that are already finished.

  • koala.ai
    SaaS project for creating interactive chatbots in an intuitive way without programming and connecting them with eCommerce and services like IFTTT, Mailchimp and RESTful APIs.
  • click.do
    A SaaS tool for branding external content to increase traffic, sales and social media activity. Using automatic A/B testing to get the most conversions.
  • ReSecure
    A SaaS cyber security solution that includes an intelligent web application firewall, malware analysis and automated / timed vulnerability scanning.
  • JavaScript Lab
    A native Mac/OSX software that provides advanced functions for working with JavaScript from external websites with a little bit of magic.
  • bamboo.js
    A browser fuzzing framework for finding memory corruptions and use after free vulnerabilities in web browsers by mutating the DOM.
  • WiFi Gather
    A smartphone app which creates an interactive map of WiFis around you using an insecure or no encryption by walking around your city.